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information as received by 1 July 2018 and published in the September issue of the Journal of Kent History

Kent History Federation Quarterly Meetings for Affiliated Societies are held on the first Friday in March, June (AGM), September & December
2 to 4pm
County Hall, Maidstone

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Information as at 1 July 2018

Ashford Archaeological & Historical Society

Mons, 7:30pm Quaker Meeting House, Albert Road, Ashford. All Welcome (* exception)
Further enquiries please contact Marion Pont on 01233 820679, or use our website and Facebook

17 Sep       ‘We will remember them: War Graves and War Memorials’ – Emma Hanna, University of Kent.
15 Oct        ‘Recent Discoveries at Otterpool’ – Kate Clover (Senior Archaeological Consultant to the excavation) non-members particularly welcome to this presentation.
19 Nov       ‘Empire State: How the Roman Military Built an Empire’ – Dr Simon Elliott
17 Dec       ‘500 years of the History of Sandown Castle and the Community Garden’ – Linda and John Ford followed by Christmas supper.
21 Jan        ‘The Kent and East Sussex Railway Then and Now,’ – Doug Lindsay
18 Feb        ‘Caesar in Kent and the Fifth Continent Project’ – Andrew Mayfield (Community Archaeologist)
16 Mar *      Saturday Industrial Archaeology Study Day at Willesborough Windmill 10am – 2:30pm
18 Mar        ‘Update on the Dover Bronze Age Boat’ – Paul Bennett of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust.

Barming History Society

All Meetings are held in Barming Village Hall (ME16 9JU) and start at 7:45pm
Visitors are welcome for £2 per head.
10 Sep         ‘The Medway Queen’ – Pam and Mark Bathurst
8 Oct           ‘Old Maidstone in Pictures’ – Eric Lubbock
12 Nov         ‘A Voice from Victorian London’ – Leslie Allman
10 Dec         Christmas Social.
14 Jan         ‘Gunpowder and its History at Chart Mills’ – Rod Morley
11 Feb         ‘And So to Ted: History of Teddy Bears’ – Melanie Gibson-barton
11 Mar         ‘History of the Red Arrows’ – Guy Bartlett
8 Apr           AGM followed by ‘Hue and Cry: 1,000 years of crime and punishment in a Kent Village’ – Alex Ferris.

Bexley Historical Society

7:45pm for 8pm, Mons at the Hall of St John Fisher RC Church, Thanet Road, Bexley, Kent DA5 1AP.
Contact: Penny Duggan, (020) 8309 5884, e-mail:
10 Sep         ‘The Foundling Museum’ – Thomas Aird

Biddenden Local History Society

2:30pm in the Biddenden Old Village Hall (* Exception)
11 Oct        ‘A Schoolgirl’s War’ – Mary Smith
8 Nov         ‘Life in the Victorian Workhouse’ – Peter Ewart
13 Dec       ‘Henry III and the Battle of Lewes’ – James Dickinson
10 Jan        ‘Kent 1800-1899’ – Bob Ogley
14 Feb        ‘Hidden Gems of Kent’ – Peter Batty
14 Mar        ‘Pitt the Younger and the Martello Towers’ – Geoff Hutchinson

Bromley Borough Local History Society

7:45pm Trinity United Reformed Church, Freelands Road, Bromley, BR1 3AQ
More details about visits and walks will be published in Bromleag or contact Mike Marriott nearer the event (2 The Drive, Orpington, BR6 9AP 01689 820794 or 079717101520
5 Sep          Members’ Evening: an opportunity to tell members about subjects you have researched, to ask for help or to show memorabilia or documents you have collected.
2 Oct           ‘The sad and mysterious life of Amelia Dolding, inmate of      the Bromley workhouse’ – Stuart Valantine
Mike Marriott will be organising several visits and walks for 2018, including those listed below. Details of dates and times will be in Bromleag, on the website and via their e-mail news alerts. If you are not already signed up for the email alerts you can join by sending an email to asking to be added to the list. With all visits, please meet 15 minutes before the start.

Canterbury Historical & Archaeological Society

Meetings are held in the Newton Lecture theatre Ng03, Canterbury Christ Church University, starting at 7pm, except where indicated differently.
10 Oct                 ‘13th Century Canterbury: a charter, a seal and a gate’ – Mary Berg (William Urry Memorial Lecture)
14 Nov         ‘Women and chivalry’ – Louise Wilkinson, CCCU        
12 Dec         ‘Anglicanism and revolution in 17th century England’ –             Ken Fincham, UKC
9 Jan           ‘Dining together: banquets, breakfasts and corporate solidarity in early Tudor Canterbury’ – Stuart Palmer, UKC
13 Feb         ‘Following the whale’s road: perceptions of the sea in prehistory’ –      Peter Clark, CAT
13 Mar         ‘Kent and Turkish piracy in the 17th century’ – Jackie Eales, CCCU

Charing & District Local History Society

7:45 for 8pm Charing Parish Hall, Station Road, Charing.
Adult: £9 p.a. Senior Citizens: £8 p.a. Joint membership: £15 p.a. Full time students: Free. Visitors £3

Chatham Historical Society

The Lampard Centre, Sallyport, Brompton on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm and then from *Dec at St Stephen’s Hall, Maidstone Road, Chatham on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm
Talks are open to all. Members £1; Visitors £3. Annual membership is £10.
Visit more details
12 Sep       Society Evening – The Newcombe Diary Project
10 Oct        ‘The Medway Cement Industry’ – Jim Preston
14 Nov       ‘Public Houses of Chatham’ (Part 2) – Len Feist
12 Dec       Christmas Social Evening

Cranbrook Museum and Local History Society

7:30pm The Congregational Church, High Street, Cranbrook, TN17 3DN at 7:30pm. Visitors welcome.
Cranbrook Museum – Opening Times 2 – 4:30pm Apr        to Oct – Tues to Sat inclusive
8 Oct           ‘Hidden Gems of Kent’ – Peter Batty
12 Nov         ‘A schoolboy in WWII’ – Ray Broomfield
10 Dec         Christmas Festivities and talk/quiz from Tony Singleton
11 Feb         ‘Wealden Flemish Weavers’ – Fred Lemont
11 Mar         ‘William the Conqueror: a justified invader’ – James Dickinson
8 Apr           ‘The Titanic: what happened after the ship sank’ – Ian Porter
13 May        Annual General Meeting & talk ‘They dared to be Doctors’ – Toni Mount
Our Society’s name has also been changed to Cranbrook Museum and Local History Society as of our AGM of 14th May 2018.

Crayford Manor House Historical Society

7 for 7:30pm Baker Trust Hall, Maxim Road, Crayford DA1 4BG Ample parking; easily accessible by public transport (Non-members are welcome to attend lectures at a fee of £4) ** Additional charge
Enquiries to Mrs J Hearn-Gillham or 01322.551279.

Dartford Historical & Antiquarian Society

Fridays, 7:30 for 7:45pm Mick Jagger Centre, The Grammar School (boys), Shepherds Lane, Dartford
Saturday 1 Sep Proposed coach outing to Tewkesbury.
21 Sep         ‘The History of Temple Hill’ – Chris Baker
19 Oct         ‘The History of Holy Trinity Church, Dartford’ – Dr David Lepine
16 Nov         Annual General Meeting followed by ‘Up the Junction’ (Swanley) – Keith Whitmore.
14 Dec         ‘Life on the Wicked Stage’ – Wilf Lower followed by a buffet. Please bring a plate to share.
18 Jan         ‘The Apothecary’s Garden’ – Toni Mount
15 Feb         ‘Bletchley Park’ – Ian Tomson
15 Mar         ‘The History of Dartford Grammar School’ – Dr David Lepine
12 Apr         ‘Rochester Airport’ – Jim Preston
17 May        Public Lecture: ‘Rural Rides’ – Christoph Bull

Dymchurch and District Heritage Group

7:30 pm Methodist Church, Dymchurch Contact: Adrian Goodsell (Press Secretary), 01797 458200, or visit
7:30 pm Methodist Church, Dymchurch
20 Sept               ‘Battle Abbey’ – Geoff Hutchinson
18 Oct                 Members’ Evening
15 Nov                AGM & ‘St Mary’s Bay – Part 2’
The Heritage Room at the rear of the Methodist Church is open from 2pm to 5pm on the 1st Saturday of each month – Apr to Dec.
For more information on the talks, the Heritage Room and the Dymchurch Heritage Trail visit our website:

East Peckham Historical Society

Second Tuesday of each month, 8pm (refreshments from 7:45pm) Salvation Army Hall, 50 The Freehold, East Peckham, TN12 5AQ Guests welcome (£3.50) free parking
11 Sep       ‘Caesar’s Campaign in Britain and Gaul’ – Christopher Sparey-Green
9 Oct          ‘Creep, Pull and Push/ Workers on the Move’ – Dr Jean Stirk
13 Nov       ‘A Country Christmas’ – Pat Mortlock
11 Dec       Quiz
8 Jan          ‘The History of Quilts’ – Rosemary Blackburn
12 Feb        ‘Whose God Is It Anyway? Islamic Art and Architecture’ – Imogen Corrigan
12 Mar        7:45pm Annual General Meeting and ‘A Schoolgirl’s War’ – Mary Smith

Farningham & Eynsford Local History Society

7:30pm for 8pm, Display of new acquisitions at each meeting. Contact Helen Smith 01322 864234
2 Nov          ‘Peace and the aftermath’ – Dr Susan Pittman (Farningham Village Hall)
15 Feb         ‘The history and origins of nursery rhymes’ – Dr John Reuther (Eynsford Village Hall)
26 Apr         ‘Some Kent ghosts’ – Dennis Chambers (Farningham Village Hall)

Folkestone & District Family History Society

1st Thursday of the month during 2018. 7:15pm All Souls’ Church Hall, Cheriton
6 Sep          ‘Locating Churches for Marriages’ – David Wharton
4 Oct           ‘Going digital in St Margaret’s’ – Christine Waterman
1 Nov          AGM & Liz’s Quiz
6 Dec          Social evening
3 Jan           Open meeting – all welcome
7 Feb           ‘History of the Harvey Grammar School’ – Ian Gordon
7 Mar           ‘The Alkham Heroes of WWI & II’ – Mark Robson

Folkestone & District Local History Society

7:30 for 8pm start. Holy Trinity Church Hall, Sandgate Road, Folkestone

5 Sep         ‘First time DNA was used to solve a murder’ – Malcolm Robertson.
3 Oct          Annual General Meeting.
7 Nov         ‘The Battle of Sandwich: 1217’ – Len Howell
5 Dec         ‘So you think you know Folkestone’ – Vince Williams
3 Jan          Open Evening
6 Feb         ‘A Stroll Along the Nailbourne Valley’ – Pete Ewart
6 Mar          ‘A Schoolgirl’s War’ – Mary Smith

Headcorn LHS

7:30pm Wednesdays. Methodist Church Hall (Rear of Methodist Church), 2 High Street
More information is available on and click on Local History.
26 Sep       ‘The Plague Doctor of Kent – Alex Ferris
31 Oct        ‘The Revolting English’ – Maureen Clayton
28 Nov       ‘The Windmills of Kent’ – Andrew Wood
30 Jan        Annual Meeting & buffet plus ‘More Pictures from the Archive’
27 Feb        ‘A Schoolgirl’s War’ – Mary Smith Jones

Lamorbey & Sidcup Local History Society

7:15pm St Lawrence’s Community Hall, Hamilton Road, Sidcup, Kent DA15 7HB. Non-members welcome: Admission £3. Pay at the door.
4 Sep         ‘Bob Hope Theatre, Eltham’ – Jim Shepherd
2 Oct          ‘Merton Boys: World War I, part 2’ – Dominic Price
6 Nov         AGM, followed by ‘WWI Letters from the Front’ – Emma Harper, Archivist of Post Office Museum
4 Dec         Armistice Celebration
8 Jan          ‘The Women’s Suffrage Movement before WWI’ – Denise Baldwin and Katherine Harding
5 Feb         ‘The Bayeux Tapestry’ – Imogen Corrigan
5 Mar          ‘What’s in a Name? How bits of Bexley got their names’ – Will Cooban
2 Apr          ‘History of London Bridge’ – Robert Woolf
7 May         ‘History of Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens’ – Stephen Harmer
4 Jun          ‘2nd Lt Wilfred Salmon and the First Blitz’ – Peter Daniel
2 Jul           ‘The Last Curtsey: The History of Debutantes’ – Kirsty Macklen

Leigh & District Historical Society

Leigh Small Village Hall; 8pm. Further details of meetings may be found on their website:
20 Sept      ‘The In Between Years: The Lost Peace’ – Bronwen Sadler
18 Oct        ‘Cadbury, Fry & Rowntree: The chocolate Quakers’ – Fred Lemont
15 Nov       ‘Radical Voices in Sevenoaks in the Eighteenth Century’ – David Killingray
13 Dec       ‘The History of Magic’ – Bertie Pearce
17 Jan        ‘Master Masons: How they built our cathedrals’ – Imogen Corrigan
21 Feb        ‘Houses in Kent from Medieval Times to the Present’ – Sir Paul Britton
21 Mar        ‘The Heritage and Memory of Hop Picking in West Kent’ – Toby Butler

Lydd Museum, Friends of

7:30pm, third Wednesday of each month. Hardy Hall, Skinner Road, Lydd
19 Sep         ‘A Schoolgirl’s War’ – Mary Smith     
17 Oct         ‘Bodiam Castle’ – Geoff Hutchinson
21 Nov         AGM & ‘Life of Rudyard Kipling part II’ – Gary Enstone
Dec             No meeting
10 Jan         Local music trio with popular songs
20 Feb         Gardeners’ Question Time – Members to submit their questions
20 Mar         ‘My Life in Romania’ – Sue Baker
17 Apr         ‘French Canals’ – Robin Helmer
15 May        ‘My Route to Lydd’ – Revd Chris Maclean
From 23 Sep until 30 Oct the Museum will open at weekends only, but we will open additionally for booked groups.

Lyminge Historical Society

7:30pm Tuesdays (* Exception) Tayne Centre, (behind the Methodist Church) Church Road, Lyminge New Members Welcome £11 p.a. for talks, Visitors £4 payable at the door.
4 Sep          ‘A Schoolgirl’s War’ – Mary Smith
2 Oct           ‘The domestication of animals’ – Anne Beecham
6 Nov          ‘The Armistice’ – Rosemary Piddock
4 Dec          AGM and talk on local history – Derek Boughton
4 Sep          ‘A Schoolgirl’s War: The story of school life in WWII’ – Mary Smith
2 Oct           ‘Wolf by the Hearth, Aurochs at the Gate: how the domestication of animals changed our lives’ – Anne Beecham
6 Nov                  The Armistice: Events before and after it was signed and prior to the ceasefire: also its impact on the Western and Home fronts’ – Rosemary Piddock
4 Dec                  AGM and talk about local history from Derek Boughton
Please note:
Saturday 27 Oct, 2:30pm  Dr Gabor Thomas, who led the excavations on Tayne Field from 2012-2015, will give an update in the Methodist Church following the unveiling of an Interpretation Board on Tayne Field, informing all of the Anglo-Saxon connection in Lyminge.

Maidstone Historical Society

7:30pm Methodist Church Community Centre, Brewer Street, ME16 0WC
Annual subscription £10, visitors £3 enquiries 01622 751900
19 Sep         ‘The Green Man in English Churches’ – Imogen Corrigan
17 Oct          'Artists of the Great War' – Martin Heard
21 Nov          'Our Thames: Dartford to Grain' – Christoph Bull
16 Jan          'The Mole Estate in Maidstone's History' – Paul Oldham
20 Feb          TBA
20 Mar         TBA
17 Apr          AGM & Members' Evening

Meopham Historical Society

7:30pm St John’s Centre, Wrotham Road, Meopham, DA13 0AA
14 Mar         ‘The good, the bad, & the ugly’ – Christoph Bull

North-West Kent Family History

Bromley Branch: Bromley Methodist Church, College Road, Bromley BR1 3NS. On the third Saturday of the month 9:45am for 10:30am to 12:15pm. Free car parking adjacent to the hall
22 Sep         ‘An Enumerator’s Tale’ – Meryl Catty & Maureen Binks
20 Oct         ‘Time to thank them – VADs in WWI’ – John Drewry ”Wordsmiths”
Dartford Branch: Dartford Technology College, Heath Lane, Dartford, DA1 2LY. On the first Saturday of each month. 9:45am for 10:30am to 12:30pm. Free car parking, via this entrance
1 Sep          ‘Madam Osterberg’s Physical Training College’ – Lesley Tipler
6 Oct           ‘Finding Granny’s Granny (in England, Scotland, India & South Africa)’ – Anna Littler
Sevenoaks Branch: Sevenoaks Community Centre, Otford Road, Sevenoaks, TN14 5DN. On the second Thursday of the month. 7:15pm for 8pm to 9:30pm. Parking Free, well-lit, easy car parking.
13 Sep         ‘Chiddingstone: Memoir of a Country Character’ – Penny Harris
11 Oct         ‘Spooky Kent – Some of Kent’s most and least haunted locations’ – Neil Arnold

Sheppey Local History Society

7:45pm Bethel Hall, Chapel Street, Minster-on-Sea. Queries to Mrs Lena Crowder, Society Chairman 01795 875111
1 Sep 10am-4pm  ‘Those Magnificent Men – and Women.’
The Spinney in Leysdown on Sea.
The whole day will be a celebration of the role that early aviators on the Isle of Sheppey, played, both in the development of aviation and its contribution to WWI. There will be stalls, music by the St John Ambulance Band and the High Voltage Big Band, and drama by the Big Fish Re-enactment Group. The main feature of the day will be telling of the stories of those magnificent men, many of whom did not survive into old age.

Sittingbourne Society

7:30pm Mons. The Phoenix, Swallow Centre, Central Ave, Sittingbourne ME10 4NT. Non-members pay £2
‘7.30pm, Phoenix Centre, Sittingbourne
10 Sep         ‘Railway curiosities’ – Rob Poole. (follows AGM at 7pm)
19 Nov         ‘London is stranger than fiction’ – George Wildridge.

Smarden Local History Society

Monthly meetings the third Thursday of the month at 6:45pm for a 7:30pm start in Smarden Charter Hall. All welcome. Non-members £4. Membership £10 a year.
20 Sep           ‘Hazards of the Pilgrim’s Journey’ – Imogen Corrigan     
18 Oct            ‘Maritime Kent’ – Stuart Bligh
15 Nov            AGM   ‘The Gardeners Society’ – Eric Spear
Every Friday, 9:30am to 12:30pm: The Kent Heritage Resource Centre in Hamden Room, Smarden Charter Hall, – bookings and openings phone or email: Project Leader Alex Ferris 01233 770353, email

St Margaret’s

7:30pm, St Margaret’s Village Hall, Reach Road St Margaret’s at Cliffe on the third Tuesday of the month. (Nov’s meeting commences at 19:00 with the Society’s AGM).
18 Sep         ‘Dover’s Tram System’ – Brian Flood
16 Oct         ‘Development of Dover Harbour’ – Derek Leach
20 Nov         ‘The Mysteries of Oxney Court’ – Christine Waterman
18 Dec         Tales from the Archive and Quiz

Tenterden & District Local History Society

7:15 for 7:30pm Zion Baptist Church, High Street, Tenterden. Admission free to members, visitors welcome & pay £3. There is parking in the car park behind the church or in Station Road opposite (free after 6pm).
24 Sep         ‘Dickens in Kent’ – Christoph Bull
11 Oct         Coffee & Cake Morning 10am Entrance £1: Tenterden Scrapbooks available to view at St Mildred’s Church Hall, Church Road.  
29 Oct         ‘Jewellery at the Court of Henry VIII’ – Revd Dr Judith Shaw
26 Nov         AGM, and ‘History of Women in Science to 1900’ – Dr Nick Hudd
28 Jan         ‘Bugs, Plagues and Pestilence’ – Dr John Reuther
25 Feb         ‘The Story of Sandwich’ – Dr Frank Andrews
14 Mar         Coffee & Cake Morning 10am Entrance £1: Tenterden Scrapbooks available to view at St Mildred’s Church Hall, Church Road.  
25 Mar         ‘Old Kent Windmills’ – Andrew Wood
29 Apr         ‘Kentish Seaside Resorts until the First World War’– Dr Ann Kneif
Outings will be arranged in the summer: members to be informed in due course

Tonbridge Historical Society

Meeting in the Riverside Room at the Angel Centre, TN9 1SF, on the 2nd Thursday at 7:45pm unless otherwise stated.
Non-members are welcome at a fee of £3 (under 18’s free), payable at the door.
20 Sep        ‘Putting 1066 and William the Conqueror in perspective’ – David Bates
11 Oct        ‘Tonbridge in WWI’ – Pam Mills
10 Nov       2:30pm ‘The Knights Templar & their London connection’ Tea followed by ‘London’s Traditional Customs & Ceremonies’
20 Dec       ‘Behind the scenes of television’s golden years’ – Wilf Lower
14 Feb        ‘Old Kent Windmills’ – Andrew Wood
14 Mar        ‘A Schoolgirl’s War’ – Mary Smith
11 Apr        7:30pm AGM followed by ‘The Domesday Knights of Canterbury’ – Vanessa King